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Storage in the East Mountain Area

One of the key considerations to take into account when selecting a self-storage facility is the size of the storage units available and the rates. The size should be large enough for your needs without being too large. Whether you need to find a unit for household storage, commercial storage or other purposes, rest assured that you will find the right solutions through Sedillo Self Storage.

We provide indoor units as small as 5 feet by 5 feet up to 12 feet by 32 feet. Our clients also have access to extra tall units for extra vertical storage needs. Our outdoor space is ideal for RV storage and boat storage. All units are protected by a secure fence with gate-controlled access. The property is also protected by illumination at night and by 24/7 on-site management. We have excellent competitive rates. Call today for complete rate information!

Indoor Unit Sizes Include:

5' × 5' (25 Square Feet)
Small but mighty! Ideal for storing keepsakes, office supplies, and knick-knacks. Stands a whopping 9 ft. tall!

5' × 10' (50 Square Feet)

Double your pleasure for just ten dollars more! Ideal for home appliances, photo boxes and more. 9 ft. tall!

7.5' × 10' (75 Square Feet)
An interesting hybrid and the perfect fit for making extra room in your home or garage. Towering 10 – 12 ft. tall!

10' × 10' (100 Square Feet)
Quintessential “medium” size unit, perfect for motorcycles, lawnmowers, and furniture. 9 ft. tall!

10' × 15' (150 Square Feet)
This mid-sized marvel is the perfect fit for most smaller household moves. 12 ft. tall, so stack in and up!

10' × 20' (200 Square Feet)
If you can pack it into a large moving truck, odds are you can unload it right into one of these with room to spare! Also ideal for storing cars and boats! 10 ft. tall!

8' × 30' (240 Square Feet)
This massive beaut stands a colossal 12 ft. tall, and is built to impress. It's depth makes it easy to organize!

10' × 30' (300 Square Feet)
A small warehouse! Ideally suited for contractors or large household moves. A gargantuan 12 ft. tall!

12' × 32' (384 Square Feet)

Indoor boat and RV storage. When size matters …these stand a jaw-dropping 14 ft. tall —5, 000ft3!

We want to be the self-storage facility you turn to for business or household needs. Contact Sedillo Self Storage today at (505) 281-2328 to inquire about the options available and learn more about our affordable rates.